Berliner Sammelapp

Strengthen direct democracy in Berlin! The Berliner Sammelapp supports citizens' signature campaigns for referendums!

With the app you can see upcoming events, register your participation, chat with other participants and report back afterwards. Whether it’s a collection drive, a workshop, or an informational event – the app lets you define, about what kind of actions in what area at what time you’d like to hear. Submit your own action, stay up to date with the campaign’s developments or use the FAQ to brush up on common arguments and good answers to the most important questions about the current campaigns in Berlin.

We launched

Since today the Berliner Sammelapp is available in iOS App Store and Google Play Store! We’re starting with Expedition Grundeinkommen and in a few weeks Berlin 2030 Klimaneutral and Berlin Autofrei will join in!

DWE Sammel-App

This article was originally written as a review of the DWE Sammel-App, which is the precursor to the Berliner Sammelapp. It’s about the experiences of that developer team, which is still active with the Berliner Sammelapp to differing extents.